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Sarah Goff

Certified Wellness Coach 

Whole Foods Chef

Urban Farmer

 Amateur Yogi

Client Results:

*Easy Shift to Healthy Eating Habits

*Consistent & Sustainable Movement Habits

*Increased Mindfulness And Intuition

*Increased Energy

*Decreased Stress

*Eliminate GI Discomfort

*Weight Loss

*Learn What To Eat To Feel AMAZING!

What's New! 

Ready to Ditch Diets Forever and Have Fun this Spring?!?!

Registration for 

The Mindful Eating Cleanse Opens 4/16​

Recent Client Review

"I reached out to Sarah racked with back pain and disillusioned with myself, my eating habits and my health. In 8 weeks, following her experienced suggestions and wealth of knowledge, I am now 75% pain free and free from my unhealthy eating habits and diet mentality." ~ Carol

Program Paradigms

These truths are at the heart of every successful outcome. 

1. If you want different results, you need different methods

2. Fighting yourself will not result in winning anything

3. Better is Better ~ Celebrate the wins, even the small ones!​

"I have definitely noticed a lot more energy in my body. I have energy to do the things I want to after work and I look forward to  coming home and being able to keep going rather than fall asleep in my chair. 

Sarah has changed my life!" 

~ Tracy G

Age: 50

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"Sarah is the most insightful person! She is extremely through and our sessions are always super fun and engaging.  She is amazing about finding different tools  to overcome my challenges. I never imagined having a health coach could be so effective, and I found the best one!"

~ Renae V

Age: 21

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"My experience with Sarah has been life altering. She always has a great suggestion that is easy to implement. I have been able to change several habits  that have me leading a more energetic and engaged life for myself and my family. "

~ Jim W.

Age: 40

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Meet Coach Sarah


I am a 4th generation Napa Valley Native. 

My family is passionate about farming and from a young age I was driving tractors and playing in the dirt on my families vineyards and cattle ranches. 

I continue to foster that passion on my own third of an acre urban farm. 

My husband, daughter and I love having the ability to go out and harvest an entire meal from our little urban farm! We have chickens, bees, fruit trees and vegetables a plenty! 

I specialize in plant based farm to table cooking and keeping it simple! I am an amateur yogi and enjoy spending as much time as possible outside, with my dogs or playing in the garden. I believe that when we can connect with our food in a way that honors the vitality of the process we all win!  

I look forward to helping you achieve all your heath goals.

Check back often for updates or follow me on Instagram @sgCoach4life

Sarah Goff

707. 815. 7307
Napa Valley, California
Email: SarahGCoach4​[email protected]