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Corporate Wellness Workshops

There is no “Right Way” to provide corporate wellness. Wellness programs should be tailored to fit the need of the employees as well as the needs of the company. For companies, wellness programs have been shown to boast an average return on investment of about 3:1 (Forbes). Outside of the direct financial gains, companies have seen reductions in employee absenteeism, staff turnover and employee stress.

How Can a Health Coach Help?

A coach is observer of your life that offers suggestions for where small changes can yield great gains. Sarah Goff is a Certified Health Coach, Credentialed Culinary Instructor, Urban Farmer and Amature Yogi. 

She is passionate about helping people achieve peak health through properly fueling their body and taking inventory of their lifestyle choices. Think of a health coach as a personal trainer for diet and lifestyle.

Workshops can be presented in any order, they are independent of each other.  Choose from any of the workshops below, or any listed on the previous page.

Not finding what your looking for? 

I'm creating new content all the time- let me design a workshop just for the needs of your employees. 

About the Workshops

Through quick, 1 hour workshops your team can be targeted with helpful, curated information that is relevant to them and easily actionable. 

The workshop is delivered in a way that is gentle, informative and fun so that your employees don’t feel overwhelmed, but feel empowered to take charge of their health using the easy steps presented.

Each 1 hour workshop will include:

  • New information about the chosen topic 
  • Diet or nutrition advice relevant to the topic 
  • Recommended lifestyle shifts in correlation with the topic 
  • A new way of looking at the issue with a mindset shift exercise. 
  • 3-5 Handouts about material covered

Handouts will include notable information about the topic and easy actionable items to immediately begin the shift.

Decoding Your Cravings

Cravings are your bodies way of asking for something. In this fun and informative workshop you will learn what sugar does to your body, why we start and can’t stop eating it and how we might actually be creating our own cravings. You will leave feeling empowered with the tools to transform those sugar cravings so that you can kick that sugar habit for good! You will receive 7 proven solutions to help move you out of the sugar craving vortex into a healthier version of you!

Setting Goals

This workshop is designed to help you uncover what you really want, why you want it and what to do about it. Learn simple steps to move yourself towards your goal in a way that's easy and fun. Throughout the workshop you will be guided to create your personal ‘roadmap’ to navigate your own path. Learn 7 proven, effective steps to setting a goal and following through in a way that you never thought you could before. Come prepared with your goal and leave with a plan!


Did you know there are thriving communities of people living active, healthy, productive lives, free of disease in the body and mind, well into their 100’s?! In this workshop you will learn about these communities around the world. Learn the 9 things that you can start doing TODAY to make your life more happy, rewarding AND the envy of all your friends! Understand why finding your purpose could just be the answer to longevity and vitality. 

Gut Health for Life Balance

The health of your gut is directly responsible for your overall health. Things like food sensitivities, skin irritations, IBS, mood swings, and many other conditions could be just a few easy steps away from being healed. This workshop will discuss the relationship between your gut health and your immune system. So, if your feeling a little 'out of it'- it could very well be as simple as balancing your gut health. Learn how easy, rewarding and healing a little balance can be. Alleviate seasonal allergies, food intolerance's and common intestinal troubles. IBS, Constipation, Bloating, Gas, Heartburn, Acid Reflux,

Breathing into the Chaos

Become the master of your body's stress response. Understand how our bodies deal with stress and where we hold on to stress. Learn how to trick yourself out of the chronic daily stresses and understand why it is vitally important to do so. Learn how to shift your mindset so that daily stresses become a blessing in disguise! Learn breathing techniques and simple stretches to release stress from your body, feel energized and ready for the next curve ball!

You Can't Outrun Your Fork!

Stop punishing yourself with more cardio! Learn steps to eat less, savor more and increase your energy- all without feeling hungry! Understand how hormones play a role in weight loss and sometimes need a reset. Discover your own ‘Food Story’- and why your dieting challenges might not be entirely your fault. Learn to eat for your body and your life in a sustainable way. Welcome to the last “diet” plan you will ever need! Take home 8 tips to jump start your new relationship with food.

Intuitive Eating & Nutrition

Does the nutrition advice available today have you totally confused and questioning where to start? This workshop will demystify nutrition and help you gain a solid understanding of how to make better choices, relevant to your goals. We will discuss the concept of intuitive eating backed by nutrition science so you can work towards your goals without calorie counting. Leave the workshop feeling confident and ready to put in place easy solutions to start your journey today!

Health and Happiness

This workshop will discuss the relationship between mental and physical health. Learn how nutrition plays a role in creating the hormones that affect mental health; and how to eat to support a positive mood. Learn how to uncover your purpose and why it is important for long term happiness. Discover the importance of self care and practicing gratitude. Finally, how to find the pathway to happiness when you’ve lost it.

Coming Soon!

I am always creating new content- what would you like to learn about?

Workshop Series Prices

Compare packages and find the best fit for you.

A Single Workshop


Per Person, Per Workshop

Good Deal

1-75 minute session

3-5 Handouts per person

 1 Private consultation per person

Minimum 2 Attendees


3 Workshop Package


Per Person, Per Workshop

Better Deal

3 -75 minute sessions

3-5 Handouts per person

1 Private consultation per new attendee

Additional Private Consultations at discounted rate

Minimum 5 Attendees


6 Workshop Package


Per Person, Per Workshop

Best Deal

6 - 75 minute sessions

3-5 Handouts per person

1 Private consultation per new attendee

Additional Private Consultations at discounted rate

Minimum 5 Attendees