Program Options

All programs can be fully customized. Lets work together to create something that works for you and your budget. 

Below are some examples of programs I have created for clients. 

Initial Wellness Consultation

This is a single session where we discuss your health history and ideal health outcome in a broad sense. This session is perfect if you know you need change, but don't know where to where to start. I will offer you individualized tips and tricks to get you started in the right direction. 

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Joy in the Kitchen,

Health in your Life

In this 8 Week Program:

5 Private -1 hour 

Coaching Phone Calls

3 Private - 2 hour 

Hands on, Culinary Instruction

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Joy in the Kitchen

In this 3 Week Program:

3 Private - 3 hour

Curated information


Hands on, Culinary Instruction

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Farm to Table 

In this 3 Week Program:

3 Private 3 hour

Tour Local Farmers' Markets, 

Spice Merchants 


Hands on Culinary Instruction

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Healthy Entertaining

Wow your friends at your next get together!

Learn healthy small bites, that prepare quickly or make ahead, so you can enjoy your party too- without the guilt! 

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Cooking for Kids

Have a picky eater? 

Get them involved!

Classes designed with the whole family in mind. Make it a fun Family Night and bonding experience.

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Nourish Your Family

Studies show that our sense of food and meals is developed before age 5. Get them started out right by introducing healthy options from the beginning!

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Joy in the Kitchen, Health in your Life!

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Joy in the Kitchen, Health in your Life!

Are you ready to turn the chore of kitchen duty into an exciting expedition and your new favorite activity? Maybe your ready to go Gluten Free? Dairy Free? Paleo? Vegetarian?

In this 8 Week/ 14 hour Program:

5 Private -1 hour- Coaching Phone Calls

3 Private - 3 hour- Hands on, Culinary Instruction

These 2 hour culinary instruction sessions will give you 45 minutes targeted information customized to fit your needs and 75 minutes hands on in your kitchen. You will understand how to build perfect flavors and healthy plates easily. Learn tips and tricks to get the most out of the ingredients to have you feeling satisfied in your belly and soul. Cost of ingredients included; Recipes yield 4 portions you can serve (dinner for family) or save (meal prep).

Jump Start Your Path to Success!

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Jump in the NEW YOU

Do you already know the 1 thing that you NEED to change?

Just need that little extra push or support to make it happen?

Start your rapid transformation today!

This fast paced 4 Week intensive will help you:

* Set and attainable goal

*Learn tools to use for support

*Begin to create a NEW healthy habit

*Shift your mindset to make success inevitable

What you get:

~4- 1 hour private coaching phone calls with curated, targeted information 

~ Easy Attainable goals

~ Motivation support

~ A plan to continue the progress on your own

Courses in: Cravings, Energy, Weight Loss, Stress Reduction, Healthy Cooking

What clients are saying...

This Jump Start Program is intense. I experienced so much change in such a short time and it wasn't difficult. The methods were easy to implement and most importantly, effective. Worth every penny! 

Hillary, Napa

Client Examples from the Jump Start Program. . .

Client #1

A client came to me and had been suffering her entire life with anxiety. When she found me, she was ready to take charge of her anxiety and show up for her son in a much more positive way. 

Her anxiety had plagued her so badly that  she had developed a dependence on alcohol to calm her nerves. Through this 4 session intensive, she began to understand the mind and body connection and how she could trick her anxiety. She learned new healthy coping mechanisms such as exercise, meditation and yoga. 

At the end of our 4 sessions together she had contacted a new therapist, got involved with a women's group, started an exercise routine, and drastically reduced her dependence on alcohol. 

Client #2

A client came to me with a terrible chocolate habit. She would buy a bag of chocolate chips and tell herself she would make cookies with them and within a 24 hour period, she would have eaten the whole bag. 

We began by taking a look at why she was going for the chocolate. We uncovered what was triggering her to go for it we replaced the chocolate with a more healthy option and began to work on the psychology of the habit. 

We developed new health rituals and found other areas of her life where she was missing the "sweetness" and joy. We implemented a plan to increase the sweetness in her life and decrease the processed sugar intake. 

Total Transformation Program

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Transform Your Body and Your Energy Now!

12 Session Total Transformation

Find more motivation, more energy, more weight loss and feel better than ever!

This 90 Day Intensive Program will help you:

~Uncover whats been stopping you, slowing you down, or keeping you from having the body and health that you deserve

~Develop a POWERFUL vision for your TOTAL TRANSFORMATION and what it will mean for you, for your health, for your life

~Discover which foods and lifestyle habits are bringing your body down, and what to do about it

You will receive:

~12- 1 hour long Phone Coaching Sessions

~Curated information and tools to implement new suggestions

~Loving support and faithful accountability

~Easy action steps to keep you out of overwhelm and in progress

What clients are saying...

This program has me feeling more connected to myself, my relationship with my friends and family and most importantly, the food that I choose to nourish myself with. Sarah is more than just a health coach- she is part therapist too! Totally transformative, she does not disappoint!

Debbie, Napa

Client Examples From The Total Transformation Program. . .

Client #1

A client came to me looking to develop more strength in her body.  She claimed to feel confident in her body and was not suffering from an energy loss. She wanted help with motivation and to find and stick with an exercise program that would help her develop more strength in her body. 

We began by exploring what kinds of exercise she would like to do and then we went deeper into what was holding her back from doing what she claimed to love. 

By the end of the 12 sessions this client had an exercise routine that she loved and an improved mental strength as well. She learned to look at things in a new way and understand that by changing her mind set, she could change her life.  She began sleeping better and feeling more connected to her body, her mind, her family and her partner. She became more aware of her body and how certain interactions with people, things and foods, manifested different strengths and complications in her life. 

She came to realize that her personal strength had been there the whole time, she just needed help finding it and bringing it to the surface. 

Client #2

A client came to me looking to loose weight and gain energy.  We began by taking a look at her diet. She was eating a lot of processed foods because they were convenient. When we began to look at what exactly was in those foods she felt compelled to put in a little more effort into what she was feeding herself. 

I gave her some recipes to try that would minimize the time spent in the kitchen and maximize the nutrition that she was putting in her body.


By simply eliminating processed foods from her diet and increasing her water intake she began to experience an immediate increase in her energy levels. With the increase in energy she was able to increase her exercise.

We began engineering more 'mindless movement' into her day and finding simple ways to be more active. We took a look at what she was craving and introduced new healthy foods to satisfy those cravings. 

She was able to shift her mindset from being constantly tired to having an abundance of energy which transferred to abundance in her life. 

Healthy Harvest

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Cook Like a PRO

Spend a 3 hour session in the kitchen!

What will you learn?

~ How to select and combine ingredients

~ How to maximize herbs, spices and flavors 

~ Basic knife skills

~ How to build a healthy plate for YOU! 

What will you do?

~ Produce 3 recipes to yield a complete meal

~ Hands on cooking only

~Experience yields 4 portions of each recipe 

Serve (Family Dinner) or Save (Meal Prep)

What clients are saying...

"I learned so much! Sarah made it easy and fun, I can't wait to get back in the kitchen!" ~Savanah, Napa

Client Example. . .

A client came to me interested in learning how to produce gluten free meals and low sugar baked goods. We talked about what types of foods and ingredients she liked and what one of her favorite meals was. She was interested in learning to make a healthy version of spaghetti and meatballs. We used a spirilizer to make zucchini noodles and a turkey meatball that was gluten free. I gave her new information about different types of gluten free flours and how to read labels to check for hidden gluten and added sugars. 

We also made a quick sugar free apple muffin from oat flour that would be an easy go to breakfast for her.

Single Session

Sometimes just being able to talk things through with a trusted friend and guide can be extremely helpful. I offer this service to new and continuing clients alike. One small act can create big ripples of change. Perhaps you know what to do, but your idea needs some support. Get a new perspective, new information and a new direction. Or confirmation that you are on the right path. 

What clients are saying...

This single session has been so helpful! I had so many thoughts running around in my head I was feeling overwhelmed. The minute I reached out to Sarah to schedule a session, she gave me great advice and was able to schedule our session quickly. She got me out of overwhelm and into action immediately- what a sanity saver!

Rachel, San Diego

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