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Sarah Goff

Client Results:

*Easy Shift to Healthy Eating Habits

*Consistent & Sustainable Movement Habits

*Increased Mindfulness And Intuition

*Increased Energy

*Decreased Stress

*Eliminate GI Discomfort

*Weight Loss

*Learn What To Eat To Feel AMAZING!

Workshops  Home, Office, or Virtual 

I continually offer a workshops series though Napa Valley Community Education. I also book private groups and small in home or virtual sessions. 

Looking for something new for the next staff meeting?

How about a "girls night out" in your home to learn something empowering?

Here are a few examples:

  • Decoding Your Cravings 
  • Secrets to Longevity  
  • Hit Your GOAL! ~ Small Shifts Create Big Change
  • Building Flavor Like Pro

  • Demystifying Nutrition

  • Gut Health for Life Balance