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Workshop Descriptions

Decoding Your Cravings!

In this fun and informative workshop you will learn what sugar does to your body, why we start and can’t stop eating it and how to transform those sugar cravings so that you can kick that sugar habit for good! Discussion centers around sugar, but information can be applied to all types of cravings. You will also receive 7 different proven solutions to help move you out of the craving vortex into a healthier version of you! 

Hit Your Goal!

This workshop is designed to help you uncover what you really want, why you want it and what to do about it. Learn simple steps to move yourself towards your goal in a way that's easy and fun. Learn 7 proven, effective steps to setting a goal and following through in way that you never thought you could before.

Decoding Your Cravings Workshop Testimonial 

 "I attended Sarah's 'Decoding Your Cravings' workshop and it was amazing! So much good information and a new perspective on things that I had never encountered before. She really got me thinking about where my cravings were actually coming from.  She helped me identify what my triggers were and she gave so many useful tips on how to work through them. Everyone should take advantage of the Discovery Session, that is where I learned how much she really wanted to help me. That free consultation was worth so much more! 

- Tom, Napa 

Hit Your Goal Workshop Testimonial 

"I attended Sarah's Hit Your Goal Workshop and it was so beneficial. I thought I knew all about setting goals, but Sarah provides guidance and steps to uncover what you really want and why you want it. It was an enlightening experience for me!" 

- Stephanie Cash, Founder of WorkMix 

Secrets to Longevity

Did you know there are thriving communities of people living active, healthy, productive lives well into their 100’s?! In this workshop you will learn about these ‘Blue Zones’ around the world. These are communities that are consistently producing thriving populations of centenarians. Learn the 9 things that you can start doing TODAY to make your life more happy, rewarding and fun AND the envy of all your friends! Get ready to meet your Great- Great Grandchildren!

Breathing Into The Chaos 

In this fast paced world of instant gratification most of us are feeling over worked, over stressed, underappreciated and a little like the hamster on the wheel. But what if you could find peace and space in your everyday life. In this workshop you will learn  breathing techniques to both reduce stress and increase energy as well as simple stretching techniques to help release tension and find space in the body. Releasing the stress in the body allows for the mind to begin to re-frame the situation and breath into the chaos.  

Gut Health for Life Balance

Did you know that the health of your gut is directly responsible for your overall health. Things like food sensitivities skin irritations, IBS and many other conditions could be just a few easy steps away from being healed.

Also, many of our hormones are created in the gut including serotonin, the happy hormone. So, if your feeling a little 'out of it'- it could very well be as easy as balancing your gut health. Learn just how easy it is to do that and understand how rewarding and healing a little balance can be.

Demystifying Nutrition

Ever wonder what a food label is actually telling you? Understand macro verses micro nutrients, and how to get vital nutrients without weighing, calculating, or measuring your foods. Learn simple solutions to making sure you are eating yourself healthy!

Build Flavor Like  PRO!

Understand how we sense and taste food. How to build flavors and how to build the perfect plate for joyous and fulfilling nourishment from the kitchen!

Super Foods, Herbs and Spices

Understand how to harness the flavors and medicinal properties of herbs and spices, what are super foods and why are they important- whats all the hype about kale anyway?!?!

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